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What we do at DataUP

In the last decade, Data Up Consulting has built databases from the ground up for billion dollar fortune 500 companies such as Target, United Health Care, Optum, and Wells Fargo. We can help with any part of your data process to deliver the results your business needs for the future and beyond.

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Data engineering

Learn how data pipelines can streamline your information flow, ensuring seamless data integration and processing for optimal performance.

BI and analytics

Explore Interactive dashboards that provide real-time insights powered by AI-generated analytics to uncover hidden patterns about your impact business metrics.

Data warehousing

Harness the power of structured data repositories to make informed decisions for your  valuable data swift and accurate with confidence.

High-impact business consulting

Identify opportunities for financial success by reducing costs, and maximizing revenue growth for your organization. DataUp Consulting tailor services  to empower data-driven solutions in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Data review

Review data smarting and faster with dynamic database architecture to ensure optimal performance and reliability. provide customs solutions to support your business teams, ensuring access to reliable data for accurate reporting.

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Project management

Immerse yourself Agile methodologies to deliver projects efficiently and adaptively. Learn why Agile board services enable stakeholders to easily view and collaborate on project progress, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the process.

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Process development

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Our process

We design, implement, and support solutions to bring your data into decision-making analytical reporting.

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1. Review & Recommend

Review on premise or cloud infrastructure.

Review data architecture.

Recommend and implement a database design to support fast reporting.

Meet with business teams to design and develop business intelligence dashboards. We will ensure KPIs are visible.

2. Design & Implement

Design a data warehouse and implement the entire process into a production environment.

Utilize current ETL pipeline or transition to your own custom pipeline designed by us.

Implement scheduling of load jobs

Email subscription to DBAs and key data stakeholders.

3. Support & Train

Train technical professionals how to monitor their load jobs.

Review data with business teams to ensure quality control.

Build quality control scripts to ensure data integrity across the database and organization.

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DataUP Consulting was invaluable from day one.

Our project was urgent and were key dashboards for our executive team and operations. He delivered under pressure in a quality fashion.

DataUP worked extremely well across our organization, helped design and problem solve as well as implement! I recommend DataUP Consulting anytime.

Devin Bustin

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We design, implement, and support solutions to bring your data into decision making analytical reporting.